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The Large and the Small

After two days of taping gleaning down in Virginia, (which although the people were incredibly lovely, still felt like two weeks!) I came away feeling grateful for some things, I of course, had taken for granted.

I say, of course, because most people I know, take the issue of their housing for granted. Sure, they may go through some tense times as they look for a new apartment or go to buy their first house, but down in Virginia, I … Read the rest

MM #3 – Our Treasures

Spend time wisely and take a moment to to appreciate our world’s wondrous treasures.

Mincha Moment (MIN-chuh, with the “ch” like in “Bach” or “loch”)… Taking Time to Be Grateful refers to a moment in the afternoon- 2:30 pm is what we’ve been using- when you stop whatever you’re doing, look around and acknowledge to yourself, how truly grateful you are. If 2:30 pm doesn’t work for you, no problem. Choose another time, but stick to it. Better yet, Read the rest

MM #2 – I Can’t Stay Depressed

July 18, 2011 I’m Placing an Order for Dry Ice

Some days, 2:30 pm rolls around and I am not in a very grateful place.   Elizabeth Warren, an absolutely brilliant woman and a woman that won’t take s**t from anyone is being denied her rightful job.  An asshole wants to pay a million dollars for the first interview with Casey Anthony.  My catastrophic major medical insurance sent me a letter announcing they’re increasing their premium by 20%!!! Who gets to raise their prices 20%??? But then it’s time for a … Read the rest

July 14, 2011 There’s a Hole in the Bucket

Water main broke two towns over and got me thinking, as I often do, about water: the importance of it, how we take it for granted, how it seems just so unimportant in the course of our day—it’s just there, like air. Who’s doing a party for water? Hip, hip hooray for water, is certainly not a sentiment on ANY greeting card I have ever seen. Unless, of course, there is a drought and water is rationed, or a water … Read the rest

July 11, 2011 Eyes and Rods and Cones, Oh My

So I am running this morning at a wonderful park where I live. It’s a great run, through a lot of shade, with breaks of sunlight and the intermittent odd obstacle course element thrown in- mini lakes, occasional mud fields and a bridge or two to run under. As I was running, through the bright sunshine, the underpass loomed ahead, just a dark space, impossible to discern anything. Yet, in a couple of seconds, upon entering the darkness, my eyes … Read the rest

MM #1 – Take a Moment

July 6, 2011 Glad I Wasn’t Born in Chad

Met a guy today at the Westside Campaign Against Hunger. Ph.D. in International Law.  Wrote a book (in French, and then I think he translated it into English!) which the government there wasn’t crazy about.  Now he’s here with his family, including 5 kids, petitioning for political asylum.  But where can he work in the meantime?  How can he feed his family until the case comes up?  Cue the good people at the Westside Campaign.

July 5, 2011

A couple of years ago, when David and I were working on one of our very first documentaries as an inimitable team!- I interviewed a lovely woman named Tina, who had grown up in the FSU.  When she was entering her teen years, she and her family managed to get the papers and immigrate to the US.  When the High Holidays rolled around, she was shocked to see the police direct travel around the temple, helping the usual quiet streets … Read the rest