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MM #6 – A Wonderful Life

Taking a moment, one moment, to be thankful for the wonderful life.

Mincha Moment (MIN-chuh, with the “ch” like in “Bach” or “loch”)… Taking Time to Be Grateful refers to a moment in the afternoon- 2:30 pm is what we’ve been using- when you stop whatever you’re doing, look around and acknowledge to yourself, how truly grateful you are. If 2:30 pm doesn’t work for you, no problem. Choose another time, but stick to it. Better yet, keep 2:30 … Read the rest

November 16, 2011 The Hardest Arithmetic

Without warning, the great freak Fall snow of 2011 came.  On a lovely Saturday afternoon, we lost power around 1:00 pm.  I thought it would come back shortly; no big deal.  By the evening, David had gone to edit and still no power.  Which meant of course, no lights, no eating (since I didn’t want to open the fridge and let all the cold air out) and worst of all no heat.  But I still felt grateful. ’cause I had … Read the rest