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May 26, 2012 With Respect to Joni Mitchell

I’ve been thinking that one of the reasons it’s so hard to be grateful, is that most of us are lucky enough NOT to have been without something or someone. So we know we should be grateful for the fact that water is as abundant in our homes as air, because we’ve never had to walk for two hours to get water, wait on a line to pump it, then walk back for two hours with it balanced on our … Read the rest

MM #11 – Treasure Each Moment

Treasuring each moment is a wonderful way to express gratitude.

Mincha Moment (MIN-chuh, with the “ch” like in “Bach” or “loch”)… Taking Time to Be Grateful refers to a moment in the afternoon — 2:30 pm is what we’ve been using — when you stop whatever you’re doing, look around and acknowledge to yourself, how truly grateful you are. If 2:30 pm doesn’t work for you, no problem. Choose another time, but stick to it. Better yet, keep 2:30 … Read the rest