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May 22, 2016 What’s Obvious Still Needs Confirmation

Watching HBO’s Confirmation, I am drawn back in time.

I remember sitting in front of my television literally glued during Anita Hill’s testimony.

I didn’t know all the inside stuff this film shows (obviously) but I knew when someone was telling the truth and when someone was not.

And I understood completely how a woman could continue her professional relationship with someone who may have harassed her, made her uncomfortable with unwarranted sexual discussion and innuendo or even worse. … Read the rest

December 20, 2015 At Least Some People You Like

On a beautiful spring day 3 ½ years ago, I wrote the voiceover to the very first video we posted on this site. I was thinking about how grateful I was to be out and running, and that spurred me to review all the things I was grateful for, which is why I wrote the line, “Be grateful that you work with at least some people you like.”

I was thinking about this line because recently we’ve been looking to Read the rest

August 29, 2014 I’m Not Sure I Trust in Karma…

..but I do believe in fair.

No matter what job you’re in, no matter how high up on the ladder you go, you always have to deal with assholes.  It’s as simple as that.  You think if you get to a certain level, if you own your company, or become a CEO with thousands reporting to you, or are retired and shouldn’t have to suck up to anyone any more, you will become inoculated from dealing with jerks, stupids and … Read the rest

February 28, 2014 With Respect to Pandora

Most of the time I think about tangible things that I am grateful for—concrete things, like David, chocolate, a day without snow, a day without cat vomit, an aroma diffuser, a deep, deep DEEP tissue massage, a really good book…

But today I felt grateful for possibility.

The possibility that an idea may develop into something, the prospect that the IBC could actually insure all the programs “in bulk” and thus lower the cost for all the producers; the hope … Read the rest

October 23, 2013 ‘Cause You’ve Got to Have Friends

When I first began this website and the videos on it, the voiceover in the very first video included the line: “Be grateful you have a job. And that you work with at least some people you like.” Well, I think I’ve written many true lines, but this has got to be in the top one!

Most of us work in a job that if we’re lucky we enjoy what we do—but the people we work for—whether that be bosses Read the rest

April 17, 2013 Entering the Fray

Many of my days I have no recourse but to take on the forces of darkness: self-absorbed people who care only about privileging themselves and their circle of sycophants at the expense of the vulnerable: students.

I fight the good fight—but it’s tiring.

And today, driving to work I felt weepy—that feeling where, if anyone looks at me cockeyed —the tears would start leaking out the corners, edges, of my eyes, like baking a blintze too long and cheese oozing Read the rest

September 8, 2012 Wondering about the Well

And then there are the days that the well seems to run dry.

Bad people at work—I mean really bad, lying, ethically challenged, morally corrupt, the list of adjectives go on.  Simply put, imagine Republicans.

My shoulder like always is killing me.  Can barely turn my head to back out of my garage.

One of my stock accounts tells me that I shouldn’t pay attention to the daily summary as their computers aren’t really good!?!?

My little Noble doesn’t seem … Read the rest