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August 20, 2017 Gold Friends

When I was a little tyke in the Bluebirds/Campfire girls, one of the many earworms they infected us with was, “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, but the other’s gold.” Recently that’s been playing on my mind nonstop because this past week I’ve spent time with two of my very, very long-term friends.

My friend Cory goes all the way back to high school—we were, among other things, cheerleaders together!  She was kind enough to tutor Read the rest

July 9, 2017 High School, Assisted Living and All that Jazz

I was not happy in high school.  But I don’t know many people were.  People may not have talked about it, but the angst was as palpable as the raging hormones.

So it doesn’t make me happy to see that in Netflix’ 13 Reasons Why, high school life is just as tortured as it was way back when. Cliques, in-crowds, mean girls, divisions like jocks and nerds, uggh.  I have doubtless some good memories and one incredible friend who Read the rest

May 14, 2017 Probably Not a Hallmark Card

If your mother is still alive, I envy you. If your mother is still alive and the two of you enjoy hanging out together, I envy you. If your mother has passed on, but you used to enjoy hanging out with her, I envy you. If you wax poetic about your Mom- how she’s always been your best friend, or how she’s been your role model, or how she taught you how to survive in a world that just barely Read the rest

March 10, 2017 You’ve Got to Have Friends

Years ago, I imagined what death was like. Not that I was looking for it—I just imagined that I knew.

My conception was based on an Our Town/Carousel like idea of death, where everyone’s really there in spirit, checking everything out, seeing what you’re doing, but you can’t see them and they can’t speak to you.

I think I conjured this up when I first went to Israel, and was all alone in a skeevy hotel, waiting to be transported … Read the rest

December 30, 2016 They Can’t Take That Away From Me

I had a premonition.

The last time I blogged, I imagined that if Drumpf actually won, I would need to be grateful that I’ve had the life I have had for all these years, without it being torn up side down.

I’m still grateful for that—but I would be lying if I said that was enough.

I find it more difficult than ever to look around and feel gratitude.

I know I’m not alone—and I suppose I’m grateful for that—but … Read the rest

October 30, 2016 Being Grateful in the Age of Drumpf

I’ve been trying to figure out why this election has literally moved me to tears.  Why I wake up in the middle of the night, can’t sleep, and find myself dry heaving in the bathroom.  Why the possibility of a Drumpf presidency forces me to spend hours investigating a move to and appkly for visiting professorships in Canada.

In 2004, after the election of Bush for a second time, I was diagnosed with costochondritis. That’s an acute, often temporary inflammation Read the rest

August 13, 2016 The Stuff that Dreams are Made of

There are a lot of things in life that don’t manage to live up to one’s dream of it.

For example, I can remember a bar mitzvah of a boyfriend that I was so excited about—and not only did it not live up to my fantasy, he actually wound up inviting another girl three days before the big day!

Vacations have often been like that as well.  I think about them for months, about how I’m going to relax, read Read the rest

May 22, 2016 What’s Obvious Still Needs Confirmation

Watching HBO’s Confirmation, I am drawn back in time.

I remember sitting in front of my television literally glued during Anita Hill’s testimony.

I didn’t know all the inside stuff this film shows (obviously) but I knew when someone was telling the truth and when someone was not.

And I understood completely how a woman could continue her professional relationship with someone who may have harassed her, made her uncomfortable with unwarranted sexual discussion and innuendo or even worse. … Read the rest

January 31, 2016 Let’s Hear it for the Floor

I came home from filming in Uganda and Rwanda, stood in the middle of my kitchen, and was filled with gratitude for my floor.

Not my granite counter tops, refrigerator with ice cube maker or microwave.

My floor.

There have been many of life’s simple pleasures that I have been grateful for — malted milk balls (always at the top of my list), Cooper loving his big brother Barnes so much, a Coke after a run, walking out of the Read the rest

November 27, 2015 Thoughts on Gobble Day

Growing up, Thanksgiving in my house was a big affair. I remember my mother ז״ל waking up at 5:30 to continue the preparations she started the night before, shoving a supernaturally large turkey in the oven, and cooking all the way through till 3:00 pm when the 20 plus family and friends arrived.

Thanksgiving would start with drinks—whiskey sours with more sour than whiskey, and whatever the current fad hors d’oeuvres. One year it was cheeses, another shrimp, (which one Read the rest