July 11, 2011 Eyes and Rods and Cones, Oh My

So I am running this morning at a wonderful park where I live. It’s a great run, through a lot of shade, with breaks of sunlight and the intermittent odd obstacle course element thrown in- mini lakes, occasional mud fields and a bridge or two to run under. As I was running, through the bright sunshine, the underpass loomed ahead, just a dark space, impossible to discern anything. Yet, in a couple of seconds, upon entering the darkness, my eyes had adjusted and it was easy to make out the odd array of tree fragments, swampy flowers and pieces of what appears to be prehistoric rock. But then my strides take me out again, into the blazing light, and all I can think about is how great it is to have eyes that work-those rods and cones really have delivered the goods for me.


  1. I am grateful for talented artists and incredibly creative dreamers who make healing, optimistic places like this website with its blog and video. I am grateful for patient friends who keep sending emails out into the universe even when some of us are lousy at keeping in touch. I am grateful for being a part of the Jewish people who thought up the mincha moment in the first place and for the Diva geniuses who wrapped it up in something new for everyone to gain. Love you both.

  2. Lovely…

  3. I love the new site. The Mincha Moment video is beautiful. First Step will use the inspiration on Wednesday at 2:30 at our staff meeting. Your work is amazing. I love (and need) the Mincha Moment. Thanks Debra

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