MM #10 – I’m Grateful

Taking time to be grateful. “I’m grateful for… I’m thankful for..”


  1. Great music! Whose song is it?
    I’ve bookmarked this post to listen to this song again 🙂
    Thanks for the mood!

  2. I came across your site when looking to see what Diva up to several months ago–sort of rummaging around the Internet attic. I came across the link to Mincha, visited and was blown away by the simplicity of the act and the impact it could have–since we tend to focus on the latest crap and not the most significant aspects of our life that are the blessings (not always easy to remember–I’ve been unemployed since my job was eliminated a year ago March 4). What really grabbed me was Debra’s one post that talked about all the stuff she was dealing with one day, only to have you bring home her favorite ice cream. Nice touch.

    Anyway, since coming across Mincha, my wife, Beth and I have made an effort (which, admittedly, needs to be much more earnest) to remember that one thing–or more!–at 2:30.

  3. Hi there. Beautiful! Can you let us know please about the music that is being used with your videos? Name of song? Singer? Thanks! Happy Passover!


  4. Thanks for the pause from life’s pre-occupations
    SFX’s are perfect 🙂

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