MM #13 – Grateful For The Partial – Rabbi Irwin Kula

Rabbi Irwin Kula, author, journalist, radio host and co-President of the National Center for Jewish Learning and Leadership (CLAL), reminds us to count our blessings, rather than focus on what we lack.


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  2. Such amazing communication skills Rabbi Kula! Your friends must be so grateful!

  3. So true, so AWESOME!!!

  4. Gratitude *is* a choice. It is a discipline–it does not come naturally. Boy(!) do I know this! Slowing down is key…or we will miss the opportunity to count the blessings!

  5. I’m sitting and smiling after watching this film. How wonderfully beautiful and affirming. And what a great reminder. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Bravo, Bravo — wonderful concept and sooooo important — lovely images, narrative. One of your best! Love, Judith and Josef

    • Dear Irwin, I am grateful to you and your lifelong partner Dana for bringing to my Sabbath table the practice of starting our Friday night dinner by sharing one reason we are grateful. The blessing of gratitude multiplies when it is articulated out loud to a community of friends and family. We can’t change the world every day — even if it needs to be changed and even if we urgently want to change it – but we can change how we experience our effort to move towards transformation. And the embrace of practices like these will help accelerate our journey. Thank you for teaching your torah and thank you to you and Dana for practicing it with us. Love, Shifra

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