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MM #24 – Take A Breath – Rabbi Felicia L. Sol

Rabbi Felicia L. Sol of Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York shares the value of taking the time to hear yourself breathe. And to look around and realize just how much you have. Whatever it is, it’s enough.

Mincha Moment (MIN-chuh, with the “ch” like in “Bach” or “loch”)… Taking Time to Be Grateful refers to a moment in the afternoon — 2:30 pm is what we’ve been using — when you stop whatever you’re doing, look around and … Read the rest

September 13, 2015 Not a Recognized Cause of Death

At the risk of stating the obvious, no one likes admitting they were wrong. But no was has ever died of it either.

And what seems to be happening is, rather that just saying “I’m so sorry, I misspoke,” or “I’m sorry I hadn’t seen that memo, therefore the whole premise I’ve been arguing for is no longer valid,” or “I’m sorry I advised you that way, I clearly didn’t insert my brain in my skull that morning,” people dig … Read the rest