July 5, 2011

A couple of years ago, when David and I were working on one of our very first documentaries as an inimitable team!- I interviewed a lovely woman named Tina, who had grown up in the FSU.  When she was entering her teen years, she and her family managed to get the papers and immigrate to the US.  When the High Holidays rolled around, she was shocked to see the police direct travel around the temple, helping the usual quiet streets deal with unusual congestion.  She had never imagined that those in authority would actually protect Jews trying to get to their house of worship.  I thought about this today when I heard the response of one of the immigrants in Alexandra Pelosi’s new documentary, Citizen U.S.A. to the question, “What do you like best about  America?’  “911,” was the response, “You just call and they come and rescue you.”  With that in mind, shouldn’t be that tough to find something at 2:30 today.

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